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Material changes to external features of a property or new additions to garden buildings including sheds, greenhouses and gates require permission from Darras Hall Estate Committee.

The Committee meet monthly to review all submitted plans and requests to ensure they conform to The Trust Deed and Byelaws laid down by the estate.

The Schedule of meetings and deadlines for planning applications along with minutes can be found in Meetings.

A fee is payable when plans are submitted and applicants will receive a response from the Estate Office following consideration of applications.

Site visits may be organised for more complicated issues to ensure agreement can be reached.  Approved new builds are subject to an inspection at least 3 times during their construction.  Major structural alterations are also subject to 1 final inspection upon completion of works.

For Planning guidelines refer to Byelaws.

The Abstract of the Trust Deed is available at  click here

To view and print our Planning Application form please click here.

To view and print our New Build Planning Application pack please click here.

For current planning application fees please click here.

We request that plans are submitted in PDF format as well as hard copies being received.

The Estate Committee consider all applications on the basis that the applicants have shown accurately the legal boundaries to the property that is the subject of the application and, on the assumption, there are no boundary disputes with neighbouring owners. The Estate Committee will not comment upon or approve legal boundaries or become involved in any boundary disputes between owners. If it is discovered that the boundaries have not been shown accurately or there is a boundary dispute with a neighbouring owner, the Estate Committee reserve the right to defer consideration of any application until such time as any such issues are resolved. 

It is essential that all applications are submitted to both the Darras Hall Estate Committee and Northumberland County Council. Likewise proposed amendments to previously approved plans must be submitted for further approval to both the Darras Hall Estate Committee and Northumberland County Council. Both the Estate Committee and Northumberland County Council must hold identical sets of plans on file. Please consider Northumberland County Council highways, planning and building control
regulations as these differ from the Bye-laws. 

It is not within the Committee’s remit to forward residents planning objections to Northumberland County Council.

The introduction of a Highways & Environmental element has a brief to monitor and report deteriation in the fabric of the estate, such as roads or pollution.  The committee liaises with Northumberland County Council and relevant agencies to bring to their attention issues of concern to residents, however we are not responsible and have no direct authority for many of the highways issues.

We also encourage residents to raise issues directly with NCC via their online forms at Northumberland County Council – Protecting roads, pavements & verges

Darras Hall Estate Trust owns land within the boundaries of the estate, notably the Grasslands nature reserve and the Bridlepath, and is the leaseholder on the Broadway shopping centre and neighbouring garage.

An educational information pedestal has been installed at Grasslands at the Middle Drive entrance to the site, promoting the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) designation by Natural England.

This project was organised and designed by volunteers of the Ponteland Community Partnership, paid for by an anonymous former resident of Darras Hall and installed by the Darras Hall Estate Committee.

The Committee are always looking at ways to improve the experience of the Owners and how they are able to provide information and the launch of the Committee’s new website will not only improve efficiency, wellbeing and communication but also includes important information for the Owners of Darras Hall.

The Committee acknowledge that there is a need for a community interaction with owners and other interested parties and want to be more approachable. To achieve this, the Committee are planning on the installation of an Information Display (outside of the Estate Office), Meet the Committee Open Days, Planning/Building Advice Days, Monthly Newsletter and Podcast.

The new website is up and live as a hub for information for interested parties with new content and improved resources, better images and a cleaner interface and most importantly of all is more easily accessible. The Committee are extremely keen to move forward communications with Owners so will be seeking email addresses from each Owner so as to ensure quicker and more sustainable communications. The Committee are also mindful that not all Owners may have access to the website, so look out for posters around the Estate supported by our superb businesses and noticeboards.

We have an Airport Representative who presents reports following on from Airport Consultative Committee Meetings.