Efficient Communication

The Darras Hall Committee are working hard to improve communication and to reduce their carbon footprint. For as long as we can remember we have sent out a 6 page A4 Annual Report to every household on the Estate. This year we are taking the first steps to reduce this.

The Annual General Meeting will take place on 26 May, 2021 and we will inform you about the arrangements in the near future.

In the meantime we need your help to implement more efficient communication. You will soon receive a smaller envelope containing 4 or five items:

  1. A flyer about our new website which will become the best and most timely way for us to communicate with you and you with us.
  2. A change of date notification for the AGM.
  3. A Rent Charge Notice for 2021.
  4. A form telling you how to “go paperless” and receive future notifications from us by email.
  5. Rent arrears notifications (only applicable if you are not up to date with rent payments for your property).

You will still find 4 or 5 pieces of paper but this represents a reduction of the amount of paper by half compared to last year’s Annual Report. With your help we will reduce this further. If you are willing, please use the Login/Register option at the top of the page and opt-in to receiving communications from us by email.  Alternatively, provide your email address to the Estate Office using the applicable form or by sending us an email and we will endeavour to send you future communications by email.

We realise that this may not work for everyone but we hope that by offering the option of email or postal communication we will be able to reach out to more of the owners as we strive to protect and develop Darras Hall Estate.

Welcome to the new Darras Hall Estate Committee website

We have invested in a brand new platform which heralds the beginning of a new era of communication, ensuring that we are able to provide updates, noticeboards, announcements, events and important information with the Owners of Darras Hall.

We very much want this communication to be a two-way street and allow us to bring how we engage into the 21st Century, whilst of course keeping within the requirements set out by The Trust Deed and important Bylaws. We have designed and built the website to facilitate the exchange of information both ways between us. This website has the capability to evolve and increase its functionality as our requirements and imaginations see fit.

The website will support:-

• Improved community involvement

• Updates on events and information which is key to our Owners

• Greater awareness of Darras Hall as a desirable place to live

• Useful information for potential Owners and current owners in navigating the Bylaws and Trust Deed

• Frequently asked questions section

• Advice and Guidance for planning and building on the Estate

We look forward to your support in building this gateway to a more open, trusting and transparent future for relationships between Owners and the Committee.