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Darras Hall Estate Committee

Here you will find a lot of useful information regarding the Darras Hall Estate.

Pay Your Rent & Planning Charges

Pay your annual rent charge online, via our secure payment system.

Important Notices

Planning Application Fees

If you would like to pay via online banking then please contact the Estate office for bank account details, alternatively you can pay by cash or cheque.

Meaning of Breach of Covenant

No further plans for development will be considered by the Committee whilst a Breach is in place.

The owner will find it very difficult to sell their property, as a search will show the Breach.

The Committee, will, in certain circumstances, take legal action which may include applying for a court injunction to ensure that the corrective action is taken to comply with the Trust Deed and Byelaws.  

A Breach will remain in place until such a time as the matter is rectified. 

The Committee reserves the right to notify lenders.

Paying Rent Via The Bank

Please note that when payment is made via mobile banking and, in some cases, even via a Bank unless we have a roll number, we cannot process your payment as we have no knowledge of which address it relates to.  Therefore, please ensure that your roll number or address is included. 

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